D.C.R. (Deep Clean Rotation)


As you can see in the diagram above, our system begins with us separating the building we are working on into zones. From there we decide which areas need immediate attention and begin deep cleaning in that zone. We rotate the zone that is being deep cleaned each day, week, or month to make sure that every bit of the building stays looking fresh and clean. 

Professional Maintenance Service Inc. is always looking to have the best products, and be a leader in cleaning practices. Through experience, research, and extensive planning we created our DCR System. Our DCR System matches the frequency of your desired cleanings (Daily, Weekly, & Monthly cleanings available) to its physical landscape. 


This ensures that every single inch of your property gets cleaned by one of our professionals.


Don’t fall victim to average and subpar cleanings that will only cost you more in the long run. With Professional Maintenance Service Inc. you will be receiving industry leading products, equipment’s, and cleaning practices.