Wooden Floor
Marble Floor
Carpet in Living Room



Strip, Seal, & Wax Service

Applying a wax or a finish to a floor creates a glossy, protective layer that keeps your floor attractive and free from scratches and stains. However over, over time these layers wear down or become dirty, and need to be removed before a new one can be reapplied. Professional Maintenance Service Inc will assure that your business or property's floor is always looking and feeling clean. Don’t let a floor become a hazard and a liability; Give us a call today for details on your regularly scheduled cleanings.

Tile & Grout 

Lots of our San Diego homes, hotels, businesses are equipped with tile that can use a good restoration! Your tile flooring is one of the first impressions made on a business upon a patron’s arrival. Don’t let old and uncared for floors drive away business, and ruin the appeal of your property. Our professional-grade equipment will assure a cleaning that will be long lasting, and bring you lots of value. Give us a call for more details.