Why Choose PMSI?

Serving San Diego

What now is, Professional Maintenance service Inc, started back in 2009, a small sole proprietor with one $50 client per week, which the Founder/Owner always took great pleasure in cleaning.

It all started in the humble garage of her home with a small desk, the Yellow Pages book, and her making phone calls to any apartment complex or home that was in need of cleaning. Jessie (Yesenia) has always had the desire to serve and assist others, and what better way than through cleaning. Not only did she have a desire to serve others by cleaning their properties but she developed a desire to go into a home that was in need of cleaning and beautification, and with pleasure and a smile take that burden off the property owner/manager and build long-lasting relationships with them.


Professional Commercial & Residential Cleaning


We Love What We Do

We started this business cleaning residential homes with one person. Now, we have over 50+ accounts and a great staff that loves and enjoys what we do. I, Yesenia Espinoza, am the business owner that started cleaning the accounts and developed a great passion for janitorial services. Went from a one-woman business to over 40 staff members. Our growth and client retention continue to grow by the day. 



Making a Difference 

We have transitioned from residential cleaning to commercial cleaning, and the uniqueness that Professional Maintenance Service has, besides having pride and joy in the company we have become is that we bring the touch of detail cleaning residential homes into your commercial building or office.


Our Mission

Professional Maintenance Service Inc. strives to deliver the best quality cleaning to our current and potential clients by caring for the facilities we clean as you would your own home. We're dedicated to delivering our best service in each facility we encounter through taking ownership, pride, and initiative in meeting the client's needs and providing a clean and calm environment as well. By providing trained and equipped employees we are able to exceed our client's expectations and attune to their definition of quality. Nobody does it better, experience the difference!